Kerryn Giles

Kerryn is an Educational Psychologist. She completed her M.Ed (Educational Psychology) degree at the University of Pretoria and furthered her education abroad, completing courses on Multicultural Counselling and Family Therapy at Fordham University in New York. With multicultural work being so relevant to the South African context, Kerryn’s Masters’s research study focused on the issues surrounding psychological assessments in South Africa, particularly in terms of accuracy when used with second language learners.

Kerryn’s passion for Educational Psychology became clear during her undergraduate degree when she worked in an organisation providing individual behavioural therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Since then, she has worked in several schools as well as with non-profit organisations to provide educational psychology services where it is needed. Kerryn also lectured in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria and has established her private practice at Child’s Play

Therapy Centre. Across these varied environments, Kerryn has seen the invaluable difference that intervention makes in supporting individuals to enhance their well-being in a number of settings, including at school, home, and in the workplace. Kerryn is especially passionate about identifying and supporting developmental delays, behavioural difficulties, and other barriers to learning and development. She is a certified user of the Griffiths-III Developmental Scales and is a member of the Association for Research in Infant and Child Development (UK). She works from a client-centred, systemic perspective and firmly believes that each person has the potential to flourish.

Jessica Saieva

Jessica is a Registered Counsellor. She completed her B.Ed Honours (Educational Psychology) (Cum Laude) at Stellenbosch University. She is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society and was awarded the Dean’s Medal and Dean’s Award for being the top achieving Honours student within the Faculty of Education. Jessica was also awarded the Rector’s Award for Academic Achievement, achieving the second highest academic results within the Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Education.

She has received her Advanced Certification in Gestalt Play Therapy (Centre for Play Therapy and Training) and HIV and AIDS Counsellor Certificate. Jessica is particularly passionate about childhood learning and development, mindfulness, and family and couples’ well-being and counselling. As these areas are often interlinked, well-being in one domain is likely to enhance functioning and well-being in other areas of life.

These areas of counselling provide individuals with a platform to heal and learn, and together forge a different path. She is an advocate for self-acceptance and –love, with counselling focusing on developing one’s relationship with the self and others. She works from an eclectic approach to best support each client in flourishing and moving closer towards their true potential.

Lesley King

Lesley is an Educational Psychologist. She completed her M.Ed (Educational Psychology) degree at the University of Pretoria. Lesley’s Masters dissertation shed light on the complexities relating to educational psychologists’ use of religion, where appropriate and as guided by the client, within the therapeutic context. This topic was driven by a deep-seated desire to create more knowledge and awareness around the place of spirituality/religion as a significant element of the holistic person and for this resource to be included in a client’s therapeutic process, where requested by the client.

Lesley has always had an interest in children and in their experiences and view of the world, believing that all children deserve to be heard, respected, and have their experiences taken seriously, in order to assist them to achieve optimal functioning. This interest extends from young children to teenagers, young adults and adults, where her training and expertise direct and inform her personal scope. Lesley has a background in teaching and spent time practising as a remedial therapist, before working at private all-girls’ school in Pretoria.

Lesley enjoys spending time with children, teens and adults during assessments as well as through the provision of therapeutic support. She draws from a wide range of therapeutic modalities and skills, choosing to work from an integrative approach based on the needs of the client. Lesley is fascinated by the human brain and how this element of the human body can be used to conceptualise mental health challenges. She also enjoys creating talks and workshops for parents and has developed a particular interest in supporting teachers to cope with the challenges they face in the classroom as well as in the broader school system.

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