“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” – John Woode

Our practitioners are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with their clients and the wider community. We offer workshops and talks on a variety of topics in order to equip parents, educators, schools, and other role-players to effectively support individuals, particularly children, who may be experiencing a barrier to learning or development. Our workshops and talks have a specific focus on providing knowledge with the aim of enhancing functioning, providing appropriate support, and promoting well-being.

Some of the workshops we have offered include:

Workshops and talks can also be tailored according to your needs or requests.


Study Skills (for learners and for parents)


Red Flags for Barriers to Learning for Teachers


Supporting Literacy Development in the Foundation Phase


Combating Stress and Negativity (for learners)


Emotional and Social School Readiness




Demystifying ADHD

Other types of workshops that can be offered include:

Parent guidance and support

Can be provided in a group context, or individually to support parents in meeting the unique and specific needs of their children, as well as their family as a whole. These sessions aim to facilitate positive change in the home environment. This can be related to issues such as behaviour and discipline, psycho-education regarding your child’s abilities or diagnosis, structure and routine in the home, and coping strategies.

Educator and school training, guidance, and support

Aim to provide valuable insight, understanding and support around the various psychosocial issues faced in South African schools.

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